4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Saints in Week 14

How did QB1 fare against another division rival?
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's scrambling

Much has been made of Bryce Young's size. He is a definite outlier at 5-foot-10, but the quarterback's toughness cannot be questioned when one considers how many hits he's taking behind such a pathetic offensive line.

Young is supremely athletic. While the Carolina Panthers don't want their prized possession running out of the backfield all that much, he showcased some eye-catching mobility in scrambling situations when required.

When opportunities came for Young to gain yards on the ground, he did so with conviction. The former Alabama star put the moves on linebacker Demario Davis in impressive fashion during the first half. In truth, it's something the Panthers might need to do more frequently moving forward providing it doesn't put the signal-caller in harm's way.

As previously mentioned, the Panthers' pass-catchers are doing almost nothing to help Young. So taking matters into his own hands and getting creative in pursuit of moving the chains almost becomes a necessity.

Young's proven more than capable of getting out on the move and making things happen. The risks are there are all to see - as evidenced in a first-down run in the third quarter that saw him somersault and land on his head after a big hit. But scrambling has its uses given how effective the Heisman Trophy winner is in this regard.