4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Saints in Week 14

How did QB1 fare against another division rival?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young remains a tough evaluation

Most thought Bryce Young would go through some growing pains. Most rookie quarterbacks do. Very few predicted his first year in a professional NFL environment to go like this.

Fans are split about Young right now. Many point to the mitigating circumstances surrounding the No. 1 overall pick as reasons behind his struggles. Others have already declared him a bust and the Carolina Panthers blew their big chance to find a franchise quarterback worthy of succeeding Cam Newton.

This is a reactionary take without the right context. The truth? Young remains a difficult evaluation and is likely to stay in this bracket throughout Carolina's remaining four games.

Should Young be playing better? Of course. There are times when the timing is off with his receivers. There are clear confidence issues. There are also some bad habits creeping into his play that weren't there during a prolific college stint with the Crimson Tide.

However, he's got no help. At all. That sounds like an excuse, but show me a quarterback that would thrive in this type of environment.

It's a huge upcoming offseason for the Panthers and Young. Those in power led by a new coaching regime must develop the signal-caller in almost every facet. Those in the front office must do everything in their power to provide their man under center with everything he needs to be successful.

If other position groups improve and Young doesn't, it's a different conversation. But that's for 2024 and no sooner.