4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. the Texans in Week 8

How did QB1 fare against his good friend C.J. Stroud?

Bryce Young
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What were some major observations from Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's performance against the Houston Texans in Week 8?

It's been a week with quarterback Bryce Young firmly in the spotlight. This was to be expected considering the Carolina Panthers were coming up against the Houston Texans and C.J. Stroud - the player those in power passed up in favor of the former Alabama standout.

Young's taken everything in his stride, but there was obviously an added sense of motivation with some fans and analysis questioning whether Carolina made the right call at No. 1 overall. Something the Panthers were hoping could potentially spur them on to their first win of the 2023 season.

As it turned out, Young and the Panthers finally broke their duck thanks to a last-second field goal from Eddy Pineiro. And boy, it felt good.

With this in mind here are four major observations from Young's performance in Week 8 at Bank of America Stadium.

Bryce Young's relaxed demeanor

There seemed to be a more relaxed demeanor where Bryce Young was concerned against the Houston Texans in Week 8. That's not to say he wasn't still highly determined, but the level of comfort and confidence in the pocket was notable almost from start to finish.

Perhaps it was the return of Austin Corbett. Perhaps it was Thomas Brown calling plays. Perhaps it was just being revitalized after the team's bye week.

Either way, this is the Young that fans want to see from here on out. Something that led to more encouragement in terms of on-field development along the way.