4 major observations the Panthers can take from Will Levis' pro day

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Carolina Panthers saw a solid session from Will Levis

Will Levis looked like a determined figure throughout his pro day. He's obviously hearing all the question marks like the rest of us and is keen to start silencing his doubters in pursuit of becoming a high-end draft selection. 

General manager Scott Fitterer has been keen to state that the tape is the primary difference-maker in terms of evaluation. Levis is a little behind in that regard, although it's worth remembering how poor Kentucky's offensive line was last season within a highly-competitive SEC Conference. 

How much weight a pro day holds in comparison to game day production is anyone's guess. The Carolina Panthers witnessed a solid session overall from Levis, whose accuracy over all three levels of the field was encouraging with a few notable highlights along the way. 

There were plenty of leading NFL figures in attendance with the primary focus on Levis. He's done his chances of being picked in the top five no harm at all, but it's easy to look good in shorts when no pressure is arriving on any given throw. 

That is the complex riddle teams must solve. Successful NFL organizations don't normally draft players on what they've done in college, but rather on what a certain prospect might become upon receiving elite-level coaching in the pros. 

And that - above all else - is what makes Levis so intriguing.