4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Bears in Week 10

Could Bryce Young bounce back on primetime?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's confidence

Bryce Young's confidence looks low. You can see it in his overall demeanor and the way he's approaching things on the field.

Not exactly surprising when one considers what's transpiring around him. The lack of protection and falling to tie down the timing with his pass-catchers will do that to an inexperienced player. This is also impacting his ability to go through progressions effectively and put his supreme field vision to good use.

Fans are beginning to wonder if this is starting to have an impact on Young's mentality on the field. This is not the same player that tore things up at Alabama - he's now on a team lacking any sort of quality or discipline.

Case in point - the Panthers had tremendous field position at the end of the third quarter down six points. A chance to get themselves ahead down 16-10 at the time, right?

Think again.

Two straight penalties backed Carolina up to a 1st-and-30. Tell me what Young is supposed to do from there.

They did eventually get a field goal, but that's not the point. The Panthers aren't doing enough to assist Young and if the same trend continues, there's just no telling what this might do for his long-term hopes of being a productive, franchise-caliber quarterback at the pro level.

There was no rhythm. Everything was out of sync. And make no mistake, heads are going to roll way before team owner David Tepper gives up on Young.