4 major positives from the Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason so far

It's been a busy few months...

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Carolina Panthers financial management

One can only imagine what Brandt Tilis thought of the contracts dished out by previous regimes. The Carolina Panthers had a lot of dead weight who weren't worth the money on offer. Thankfully, their new salary-cap guru went about restoring a sense of respectability to the financial side immediately.

Established veterans were released or traded. Although the immediate salary-cap relief was nonexistent, the moves made provide future flexibility. There was also no kicking the can down the road with contract restructures, which is part of the Panthers' new professional approach to roster building under Dan Morgan's leadership.

Not only this, but the structure of contracts handed out in free agency also leaves reasons for encouragement. Tilis is a master of working out deals that benefit the team from his prolific stint with the Kansas City Chiefs. This has enabled the front-office figure to carry over the same mindset to a different environment successfully so far.

After so much money mismanagement under previous decision-makers, this approach represents a refreshing and welcome change of pace. The Panthers can move forward with Morgan's intent to build throughout the draft and supplement in free agency as a result. If a player proves their worth, they'll be rewarded accordingly.

Of all the acquisitions made by the Panthers this offseason, Tilis' arrival might be the most important of all.