4 most important Carolina Panthers offseason arrivals in 2023

Ejiro Evero
Ejiro Evero / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

Matt Rhule was never cut out to be an NFL head coach, let alone be given more than three years in the role. David Tepper eventually saw the light and removed him from the equation, but it did nothing to heighten the sense of urgency to get his next appointment right.

Many thought interim head coach Steve Wilks did enough to secure the job permanently. But Tepper had other ideas more in keeping with how things were unfolding around the league.

When Frank Reich's name entered discussions, the intrigue was obvious. He was the team's first-ever quarterback and is a respected offensive mind - something that proved to be the tipping point for Tepper en route to making his franchise-altering choice.

The appointment was a contentious one initially. But it didn't take long to realize how Reich separated himself from the pack.

This all began by using his connections and Tepper's financial clout to mold arguably the best coaching staff anywhere in the league. Reich has also produced a clear plan for future progression and immediately got everyone on the same page with a level of respect and professionalism that wasn't there previously.

While instant playoff contention might be a step too far, it cannot be dismissed in the coming years. Something that Reich made his primary goal when tasked with picking up the pieces after the previous regime's disastrous tenure.