4 moves the Carolina Panthers can make to help Bryce Young's development

It has been a torrid rookie season for the number 1 pick.

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers could revamp the front office

While most understood the firing of former head coach Frank Reich, many fans felt the move to be a pointless one if the general manager continued to tenure his position. For Scott Fitterer and his front office staff, this season has been a disaster.

The entire draft class has failed to make a discernible impact. Not only this, but the Carolina Panthers' only offensive free agent to be a worthwhile addition is Adam Thielen.

Fans extended some leeway to Fitterer and his staff. Working under what was almost like a dictatorship with Matt Rhule holding ultimate power on any decisions regarding the team. But after he was mercifully canned, the spotlight shifted.

With a litany of failed trades, poor extensions, and weak draft classes, fans have understandably grown tired of Fitterer. It seems as if his position is untenable. And it seems almost an inevitability - with a new head coach coming through the door - he will likely be done as general manager.

Part of me feels for Fitterer as the pressure of working under David Tepper would drive any rational person to make some irrational decisions. However, during his time at the Panthers, it simply hasn’t been good enough overall.

A fresh start is needed. For the Panthers, there is still the overarching issue of Tepper and his continued involvement in every footballing decision. This may hinder their attempts to get the right head coach/general manager combination into the building.