4 moves that would bring Carolina Panthers back to respectability in 2024

Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers must scheme to Bryce Young's strengths

Bryce Young was failed by the Carolina Panthers last season. Those in power gravely mismanaged recruitment around the rookie quarterback. Frank Reich also tried to force him into an already-devised scheme rather than conjure one up based on his skill set. There were some fleeting moments, but the No. 1 pick's first campaign in a professional environment was a disaster.

Young's been written off by some in the national media. That's incredibly foolish after just one year, but it does highlight the importance of doing everything possible in pursuit of maximizing Carolina's substantial investment in the signal-caller moving forward.

Dave Canales speaks with clarity and conviction regarding Young. He doesn't think the Heisman Trophy winner needs fixing - far from it. He feels like molding an offensive strategy to maximize the tools at his disposal will make all the difference. Something the previous coaching regime couldn't do effectively.

Hopes are high considering Canales' previous credentials. He's a renowned quarterback whisperer and played a leading role in the career renaissance of Baker Mayfield and Geno Smith in recent years. If Carolina's new head coach has a similar impact on Young, it's all systems go.

There is a sense of urgency to get things right after so much failure under David Tepper's ownership. The Panthers won't be among the leading contenders in 2024, but earning back a sense of respect around the league is an attainable target if the right foundations are laid throughout the offseason.