4 offseason moves that are making the Carolina Panthers look dumb

It's been one disaster after another.

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers trade to No. 1 overall

This is not about Bryce Young. It's about the chosen sacrifices and eventual compensation the Carolina Panthers have to pay after making their daring trade to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Whether it was the pressure coming from team owner David Tepper that forced the issue is up for debate. There seemed to be a consensus this was the right thing to do. The price was steep at the time. It's astronomical now.

The Panthers swapped first-rounders in 2023. After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, they are also parting ways with the No. 1 overall selection in 2024. And the best part? Chicago might end up trading the pick for a second straight year due to the recent growth of quarterback Justin Fields.

If that wasn't enough, the Panthers have missed D.J. Moore terribly. The productive wide receiver is having a career season with a stable signal-caller to depend upon. In contrast, Young's primary weapon in the passing game is 33-year-old wideout Adam Thielen, who was seen as a slot guy coming into the franchise.

Oh yeah, and Carolina's second-round pick in 2025 is also going to the Bears.

If Young turns into one of the league's best quarterbacks, nobody will be talking about what the Panthers gave up to acquire him. That's not the case right now. It's why the new regime must make building around the Heisman Trophy winner their biggest priority.

Giving up the top pick is an absolute embarrassment. Tepper won't want the blame, so it places Scott Fitterer firmly in the firing line.