4 players from Super Bowl LVIII the Carolina Panthers could sign this offseason

The Carolina Panthers need players with a winning mentality this offseason...

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Carolina Panthers could sign Jon Feliciano

Finding the right offensive line upgrades should be high on the Carolina Panthers' list of priorities throughout the offseason. Even if Austin Corbett and Brady Christensen make successful returns from their long-term injury complications, bolstering the depth is essential if quarterback Bryce Young wants a better chance of thriving in Year 2 of his professional career.

There isn't a lot of money to go around, which makes signing free agents complicated. However, new salary-cap guru Brandt Tilis has enough experience to ensure the Panthers are in a relatively strong position entering free agency.

If those in power decide that finding a capable veteran is needed, then someone like John Feliciano fits the bill. The experienced figure can play anywhere along the interior with minimal fuss. He's got proven proven credentials when it comes to stepping in at a moment's notice and producing the goods. When the San Francisco 49ers have needed him this season, he's duly delivered.

Feliciano's played 428 snaps for the Niners this season, conceding two penalties and not allowing any sacks. His exceptional contribution on running-downs also caught the eye en route to an outstanding 81.2 grade from Pro Football Focus. Much will depend on the money involved, but this would be a good option for the Panthers in pursuit of improving competition at the very least.