4 pressing priorities for Carolina Panthers HC Dave Canales in 2024

The newly appointed head coach has a lot on his plate...

Dave Canales
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Getting more out of young talent

There's no doubt a revamp is almost essential at the skill positions. This was one of many glaring faults within the Carolina Panthers in 2023. Not exactly a scenario general manager Scott Fitterer laid out during his preseason delusions of grandeur.

Plenty of new faces will arrive in the coming weeks. Dave Canales must also focus his immediate attention on a plan to get more out of the young playmakers already on the roster.

Jonathan Mingo tops this list. The second-round pick endured a frustrating first campaign in the pros. His physical attributes dictate there could be a productive wide receiver in there with further refinement. Fortunately for the Panthers, this is new offensive coordinator Brad Idzik's specialty.

Could Terrace Marshall Jr. get another look? Unlikely, but if Canales opts to get him back involved, there needs to be a level of trust involved from Carolina's long-suffering fanbase.

Another who falls into this category has some high stakes attached. The Panthers have no idea how good athletic tight end Tommy Tremble can be after three seasons. That's a damning verdict on his early development under Matt Rhule and the lack of confidence from Frank Reich and Thomas Brown this time around.

If Canales and Idzik can work their magic on just one of these players, it'll be like having a new signing given their minimal contributions up to now. That would ease the burden slightly, but there is a dire need for an overhaul regardless.