4 primary catalysts behind former Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's demise

The dust has finally settled on Frank Reich's departure...

Frank Reich
Frank Reich / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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What were the primary catalysts behind former Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich's demise with the organization?

When Frank Reich was brought in ahead of the 2023 season, optimism was high. Despite being fired by the Indianapolis Colts part-way through the 2022 campaign, many pointed to the issues faced working under the unpredictable owner Jim Irsay and the surprise retirement of starting quarterback Andrew Luck as reasons for leeway.

A good portion of the fanbase thought Steve Wilks deserved a shot after his successful stint as interim head coach. But hiring an offensive-minded head coach was the way forward for Carolina following the unmitigated disaster that was Matt Rhule's tenure in Charlotte.

However, what played out over 11 weeks for Reich was worse than anything fans had seen in recent memory.

One does have to feel for Reich. Going from Irsay being your boss to David Tepper is most people's idea of hell. However, he did little to endear himself to fans and while the coach wasn’t fully to blame for the issues facing the Panthers, he was certainly a key factor.

The league seems to be moving in a certain direction and Reich doesn’t seem able to move with the times. After his latest failure, this was likely the experienced figure's last opportunity to be an NFL head coach.

Without further ado, let’s look at four primary catalysts that played a role in Reich losing his job.