4 primary catalysts behind former Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's demise

The dust has finally settled on Frank Reich's departure...

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper's petulance

If there’s one positive that has emerged from the firing of Frank Reich, it’s that the wider NFL world is finally realizing that the real issue with the Carolina Panthers is team owner David Tepper. Rumors have been abundant over the past week from national media detailing just how involved the billionaire is in the day-to-day running of the football operation.

Reich gave us an insight into that when he revealed his weekly meetings with the owner. One just has to look at how the former head coach has aged from his introductory press conference to his post-game presser after Carolina's loss at the Tennessee Titans to see how working for Tepper takes its toll.

For someone will little footballing knowledge, he is simply too involved. Tepper should simply be signing the cheques and allowing his football people to make football decisions.

Reports are already circulating that Tepper wants another offensive-minded head coach to help develop rookie quarterback Bryce Young. Hopefully, it'll be third time lucky when it comes to a permanent head coaching hire.

Unfortunately for Panthers fans, until Tepper either sells the team or takes a back seat these issues will continue to be prevalent. If nothing changes, his promise of bringing winning football to the Carolinas will continue to be a hollow one.