4 primary scapegoats from the Carolina Panthers loss vs. Saints in Week 2

It was a night to forget for the Carolina Panthers.

Tony Jones Jr. and DeShawn Williams
Tony Jones Jr. and DeShawn Williams / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers' suspect run blocking

Coming into the Week 2 game versus the New Orleans Saints, it was expected that their defensive front seven would cause some issues. That is exactly what happened.

The Carolina Panthers' run blocking in particular was not good enough. There were whiffs and defensive penetration across the line for most of the designed run plays.

Of those 17 called runs, the Panthers only ran for 66 rushing yards. Not much room was out there for Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard to run the football and gain yardage throughout another disappointing evening.

Credit is due to the Saints' defense. But the offensive line must do a better job creating running lanes for the skill position players to work.

The Panthers missing Austin Corbett and Brady Christensen due to injuries is unfortunate. But in the NFL, everyone who is on the field is expected to perform.

However, to be fair to the players on the field, it is tough to succeed when they are not put in great positions to do so. This moves seamlessly to my final scapegoat.