4 primary scapegoats from the Carolina Panthers loss vs. Saints in Week 2

It was a night to forget for the Carolina Panthers.

Tony Jones Jr. and DeShawn Williams
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Carolina Panthers play-calling

Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons showed that Frank Reich may not be the best suited for a play-calling role. After the offensive play with the NFL world watching on Monday night, the Carolina Panthers would be best served if he were to give up those duties to Thomas Brown.

For every drive in the game - except late when the playbook was opened up more - Carolina's offense was once again anemic and passive. Too often, the same short passing plays and running plays were called despite them not working in Week 1. And in this game against the Saints, that story remained the same.

Bryce Young was a quarterback in college who thrived when he was outside the pocket, but on Monday night, very few pass plays with boot actions were called. This made it easy for the New Orleans defense to be ready. Whenever those plays were called, the Panthers had success.

There were also times when receivers were running routes next to each other without any spacing. This includes a third-and-goal play late in the game when Young was sacked.

On that play, two receivers ran what looked like the same route next to each other. Two other routes ended up in the same area of the field.

Reich assembled so much talent in his coaching staff, including an up-and-coming offensive coordinator. The time has come for him to trust Brown to call plays and get Carolina's offense moving in the right direction.