4 prominent former Panthers still on the free-agent scrap heap in 2023

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Matt Ioannidis - Former Carolina Panthers DT

Many of Matt Rhule's former college players came to the Carolina Panthers throughout his disastrous tenure. There are very few that made any sort of lasting contribution. 

Matt Ioannidis was one of them. The defensive lineman came into the building in 2022 after his release by the Washington Commanders and it didn't take long for the veteran to have a huge impact both on and off the field. 

Ioannidis lined up alongside Derrick Brown on the defensive line interior and performed well. Having a stable partner for the first time also took the former first-round pick's performance levels up a notch during a breakout campaign.

Many thought Ioannidis would get an extension as a result. However, nothing has arrived as yet and the signings of Shy Tuttle and DeShawn Williams in free agency indicate the one-time Temple star is surplus to requirements under the new regime. 

Maybe something will change if Ioannidis is still on the market after the draft. But it won't be anything like the money he got from the Panthers this time last year all things considered. 

This is a little harsh on Ioannidis, in all honesty. But this new and improved thought process isn't messing around in pursuit of genuine progress when the 2023 season commences.