4 prospects the Carolina Panthers could reach for at No. 33 overall

Could the Carolina Panthers take someone sooner than anticipated?

Roman Wilson
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Carolina Panthers could draft Roman Wilson

  • Wide Receiver
  • Michigan Wolverines

As previously mentioned, it would be a surprise if the Carolina Panthers didn't acquire a wide receiver with one of their second-round selections. Dan Morgan is looking to put himself in a position to select the best player available, but the need to provide quarterback Bryce Young with another dynamic playmaker cannot be overstated.

It'll be a scramble to get some of the top wide receiver prospects. Unlike previous years, the drop-off between the top-end and the mid-level isn't that great. The Panthers could wait around to see who's available. They could also make a move up or reach for one particular prospect to ensure they get him on board.

Roman Wilson is an intriguing wideout worth monitoring. He isn't the flashiest, but he gets open and makes things happen with the football in his hands. The Michigan prospect's ball skills are exceptional and there is enough elusiveness to suggest he can continue being a supreme red-zone difference-maker at the next level.

Morgan recently stated that the need to surround Young with players who create separation and mold into the scheme is far more important than physical stature. If he feels like Wilson is the best option for that, the front-office leader won't hesitate to pull the trigger even if some bigger names are available at No. 33 overall.