4 reasons why the Carolina Panthers got demolished at Dolphins in Week 6

The Carolina Panthers good start quickly turned into a blowout loss...

Ejiro Evero
Ejiro Evero / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Carolina Panthers defensive front seven got dominated

It does not come as a surprise that the Miami Dolphins were able to move the ball down the field easily with the injuries suffered by the Carolina Panthers defense in recent weeks. But that does not excuse how much the defensive front seven got whooped and ran around by Mike McDaniel's exceptional scheme.

An issue that has plagued the Panthers' defense all season is how easily rushing offenses can get the outside edge. The issue was compounded on Sunday by how much quicker Raheem Mostert and Salvon Ahmed were compared to Carolina's linebacking corps.

While Miami's offense gets the ball out quickly on a number of passing plays, Carolina not getting one sack in an entire game is nothing short of a failure on the defensive front. Something that's called into question everything from individual performances and Ejiro Evero not having the correct personnel to implement his creative 3-4 base defensive scheme.

In one sense, the bye week is coming at a good time for the Panthers. Evero has to find a way to fix this issue during Carolina's extended period of rest and the players must also hold themselves accountable for the team's failings in this key discipline.

Otherwise, it won't take long for opposing offenses to figure out what the weak link is.