4 reasons why Carolina Panthers lost at the Falcons in Week 1

There were plenty of factors behind the Panthers' loss in Atlanta.

Miles Sanders
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Carolina Panthers' generic offensive scheme

If Week 1 was an indication of what Frank Reich's offensive play calling will be, more and more fans will be clamoring for Thomas Brown to take over those duties relatively soon. Multiple times in the game, there were situations where creativity and aggressiveness were optimal, yet the majority of the Carolina Panthers' passing plays were short route concepts.

The rushing attack did a solid job throughout the game of moving the Panthers forward. However, the NFL is a passing league, and the statistics from Sunday speak for themselves.

Bryce Young went 20-for-38 with only 146 passing yards. The yards per passing attempt was a woeful 3.6.

Even though Young and his receivers did a poor job creating plays that could have been there, other coaches around the league always find ways to scheme guys open. The Panthers did that a few times when creative plays were called, but those were rare.

Additionally, there were times when the offense seemed congested. While D.J. Chark being out removes a deep threat for Carolina, that does not mean the primary play call should be short routes.

The two deep shots Young took would have been big plays if he and his receivers executed slightly better. More of those calls will provide the Panthers offense more room to throw the ball underneath and give them chances at chunk plays.

No matter how he does it, Reich has to be a more aggressive play-caller if he wants Carolina's offense to get going.