4 recent Carolina Panthers draft picks with their roster spots under threat in 2023

- The luckless QB

- The under-pressure WR

- The mammoth OL

- The athletic LB

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Which recent Carolina Panthers draft selections are in danger of losing their roster spots ahead of the upcomng 2023 campaign?

Not every draft pick works out. And it doesn't matter where they are taken in the pecking order, either.

Lauded prospects such as JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf fluffed their lines in a huge way once they got into the NFL. Others who were given no shot like Tom Brady went on to have Pro Football Hall of Fame-caliber careers.

It's a fine line and can often prove to be the difference between success and failure. Something the Carolina Panthers have also experienced over the years with plenty of hits but a few notable misses along the way.

Speaking of Carolina, here are four recent Panthers draft picks who are fighting for their roster spots in 2023.

Deonte Brown - Carolina Panthers OL

Deonte Brown was seen as a sixth-round development project that could evolve into a starting option on the offensive line over time. However, even the best-laid plans go to waste sometimes.

The former Alabama star struggled with his weight and just couldn't get anything going over his first two seasons in the league. He's been released and brought back onto the practice squad, but Brown deserves credit for dropping around 70 pounds this offseason to hopefully get noticed by the new coaching regime.

Brown hasn't really caught the eye to the degree needed throughout camp so far. Much will depend on how the mammoth interior offensive lineman performs during the preseason, but it would be a surprise to see his name on the 53-man roster looking at the current state of affairs.