4 safeties the Carolina Panthers could select in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Carolina Panthers could draft Brandon Joseph

Having enough athleticism is a key component of playing the safety position effectively in the NFL. While Brandon Joseph lacks this to an elite standard, he more than makes up for it with outstanding intelligence and communication - something that is also valued highly by NFL scouts. 

Joseph's football IQ is absolutely off the charts. He is a cerebral presence on the backend that can become an on-field general of sorts, relaying information to his teammates and putting them in the best possible positions to thrive.

This also makes the one-time Notre Dame star a reactionary asset on running downs. Joseph's film is littered with deciphering plays quickly and delivering big hits to stop oncoming runners dead in their tracks, which could transition well to the next level on a rotational basis initially. 

As stated previously, asking Joseph to go downfield with NFL-caliber pass catchers is asking for trouble. That's not where his strengths lie, so it's up to Ejiro Evero and other primary decision-makers to determine whether he'd be a good fit for the Carolina Panthers moving forward. 

Joseph does nothing to an exceptionally high standard, but he's pretty solid as a well-rounded player. Someone the Panthers could identify as an option if he makes it into Day 3 depending on how things develop beforehand. 

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