4 teams that should call the Carolina Panthers about Jeremy Chinn trade

There could be some trade movement from the Carolina Panthers...
Jeremy Chinn
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Carolina Panthers could trade Jeremy Chinn to the 49ers

It's not like the San Francisco 49ers need much help from a defensive standpoint. This is one of the league's most destructive units that recently acquired edge rusher Randy Gregory via trade, so adding another weapon might not be in their immediate train of thought.

However, as previously stated, good teams never stand still. And the Niners also have someone in a key position of power who's already extremely familiar with what Jeremy Chinn might bring to the table.

Steve Wilks came back to the Carolina Panthers in 2022 as defensive backs coach. Once Matt Rhule was finally ousted, he galvanized the franchise as interim head coach, restoring the culture and standards that made them so successful during the mid-2010s.

Chinn was one of the many players who were banging the table hard for Wilks to get the job permanently. Team owner David Tepper thought better of it in favor of Frank Reich, but a reunion could potentially be on the cards if the coach thinks he could assist San Francisco's bid for another Super Bowl.

Looking at the Niners' defense as it stands, Chinn would likely be a rotational player. There are deficiencies in coverage that cannot be ignored, but this is the sort of low-risk, high-reward move that could intrigue general manager John Lynch if it gets Wilks' seal of approval.