4 teams that should call the Carolina Panthers about Jeremy Chinn trade

There could be some trade movement from the Carolina Panthers...
Jeremy Chinn
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Carolina Panthers could trade Jeremy Chinn to the Commanders

The Washington Commanders are under new ownership and looking to make their return to the NFL's top table sooner rather than later. That makes Ron Rivera's coaching seat among the league's hottest, which could lead to an aggressive move or two before the 2023 trade deadline.

Washington's defense has been a surprising underperformer through five weeks. This is a unit loaded with first-round talent and proven veterans, so it's been surprising to see them struggling so much given their lofty reputation before competitive action began.

There isn't enough quality at the defensive second level. Jamin Davis is doing a lot by himself thanks to Cody Barton's inconsistency, so this is an area where Jeremy Chinn might be able to help in this scenario.

The Commanders also lost the safety duo of Darrick Forrest and Jeremy Reaves to injured/reserve this week. Although they do have Percy Butler and Quan Martin to fill the void, sending a late-round pick to the Carolina Panthers for Chinn gives them another option that has the position versatility Rivera values highly.

It's also worth remembering that Marty Hurney is now in Washington. He was the general manager who thought enough of Chinn to trade up and land him in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, so there could be some legs to this one if the Panthers do end up holding a fire sale in the coming weeks.