4 teams that Cam Newton could legitimately start for in 2023

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK

Cam Newton could start for the Buccaneers

Another team in desperate need of a quarterback is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After losing Tom Brady to retirement, they are set to replace him with Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield projects to be the starter. But if his time with the Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Rams proved anything, it’s inconsistency.

Newton has replaced Brady before. Unfortunately, the last time didn’t go so well.

While Newton was one of the lone bright spots on that Patriots team in 2020, the lack of talent and an uncanny number of COVID opt-outs did him no favors. This time can be different.

Tampa Bay boasts one of the premier offensive lines in the NFL along with strong weapons on the outside in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Whether Newton and Mayfield would be a personality clash is the bigger question.

It would be a conflict of interest for Panthers fans to see the greatest player in franchise history go to a division rival - one that has secured NFC South supremacy for three-straight campaigns. However, it might be Newton's best chance to prove he’s still a top quarterback in the NFL.

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