4 teams that could steal Ejiro Evero from the Carolina Panthers in 2024

Ejiro Evero
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Which teams could potentially look to steal defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero from the Carolina Panthers during the 2024 head coaching cycle?

Having one of the league's premier coaching staff teams is one thing. But keeping them together throughout Frank Reich's reign as Carolina Panthers head coach looks almost impossible when one considers how many are perceived around the league.

This all-star staff is loaded with former NFL head coaches and those with ambitions of securing a top job in the not-too-distant future. Among those is Ejiro Evero, Carolina's new defensive coordinator whose stay with the organization could be short-lived if everything goes well in 2023.

Evero is one of the most progressive young minds in the business. He achieved numerous interviews during the previous head coaching cycle - including from the Panthers - so another strong year in a different environment could be all another organization needs to make him their No. 1 priority during the next merry-go-round.

With this in mind, here are four teams that could steal Evero from the Panthers in 2024.

Carolina Panthers could lose Ejiro Evero to the Bucs

Todd Bowles was the defensive mind chosen to replace Bruce Arians on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The move hasn't gone well as yet and with legendary quarterback Tom Brady now retired, not many are expecting the head coach to lead his team to prosperity next season.

Whether the Buccaneers would target another figure with defensive tendencies after Bowles remains to be seen. But Ejiro Evero hails from the Sean McVay coaching tree and being around the Carolina Panthers' exceptional minds on offense should provide a broader indication of what it takes to succeed in a prominent position of power.

This would also weaken an NFC South rival from the Buccaneers' perspective. So in that sense, it's a win-win for them and Evero.