4 veteran Carolina Panthers who may not make the final roster in 2024

Could these veterans miss out on the 53-man roster?
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Eddy Piñeiro - Carolina Panthers K

Eddy Piñeiro has had some highs and some lows during his career with the Carolina Panthers. He came to the organization at the perfect time. Zane Gonzalez got injured in a preseason game and was traded to the San Francisco 49ers once healthy enough to participate before the 2023 season.

In 2022 with the Panthers, Piñeiro made a whopping 33 out of 35 field goal kicks with a long of 54 yards. A big detail of this success is the fact that he missed two potential game-winning efforts against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 8. 

Piñeiro had another solid season in 2023, making 24 out of 28 kicks, with a career-long of 56 yards. This also included two game-winning field goals as time expired for both of the Panthers' wins last time around. 

The reason Piñeiro is listed is the fact that there is an undrafted rookie out of Missouri named Harrison Mevis who has been the only kicker to report for the Panthers' voluntary off-season program so far. He's caught the eye and made this an intriguing battle to follow throughout the summer.

Piñeiro must be looking for a new contract. But the Panthers front office could be holding back due to what they’ve seen positively from Mevis up to now.

Another thing to note is that the new staff has no connection to Piñeiro as a player. There could be some concerns about the veteran's kick power. His range tops out at about 56-58 yards. 

Piñeiro could be a veteran player that will not be on the Panther final roster in 2024. That will be dependent on whether he can outperform Mevis or not.