4 ways Carolina Panthers have blown away expectations this offseason

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How have the Carolina Panthers blown away expectations during a memorable offseason for the franchise so far in 2023?

After years of misery, false promises, and everything in between for the Carolina Panthers under Matt Rhule, this was arguably the most important offseason in franchise history. Many critical dilemmas needed resolution, both in terms of coaching infrastructure to improving the playing side of things with the NFC South there for the taking after Tom Brady's retirement. 

Fans entered the process with a nervous sense of optimism. Many were scarred beyond measure during Rhule's cataclysmic reign, which left supporters disenchanted and Bank of America full to the brim with opposing fanbases on any given week. 

Just a few short months later, and things look far more promising where the Panthers are concerned. Optimism has changed to legitimate hope, with a newfound sense of life injected into the franchise along the way. 

On this topic, we picked out four ways the Panthers have blown away expectations during the 2023 offseason so far.

Way No. 1

Carolina Panthers
Samir Suleiman / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

Carolina Panthers salary-cap wizardry

Considering how bleak things appeared from a financial standpoint once upon a time, the Carolina Panthers have performed extreme wizardry regarding their salary cap this offseason. They've retained some top guys, signed decent free agents, and somehow have the second-most resources anywhere in the league to make additional moves should those in power wish. 

Although this is a collective effort, special praise must be directed at Samir Suleiman. Carolina's cap guru has worked miracles in recent weeks with team-friendly deals and putting the organization in a position to thrive - something that should also strengthen his chances of being a future NFL general manager down the line.