4 ways the Carolina Panthers are throwing away their chance to progress in 2023

This team keeps finding ways to lose...

Frank Reich and Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers' red-zone woes

Sunday's game was a microcosm of how things are going for the Carolina Panthers in red-zone situations. Unless this improves quickly, another long season awaits.

Carolina had two red zone trips versus the Minnesota Vikings and did not manage a touchdown on either. This included a crucial drive at the end of the game with a chance to tie that was a complete disaster.

The opening drive of Sunday's contest got inside the 10-yard line. Carolina had seven plays to get a touchdown without any success. Their best chance was a dropped pass in the end zone by tight end Ian Thomas after a great throw by Bryce Young.

The plays after that were an ugly-looking pass play that set up first and goal at the three-yard line after a defensive penalty, two Miles Sanders runs for no gain, a false start, and an incomplete pass to Terrace Marshall Jr.

On the final Panthers' drive of the game, they had four chances inside the 10-yard line but could not cash in. Despite having previous warnings, the protection just didn't have an answer for Harrison Smith coming on the blitz, which pretty much summed up 2023 so far.

Wasted opportunities cannot be normal for a Panthers team that has struggled to move the football down the field at a consistent rate. At the moment, they cannot find the end zone when it matters most.