4 ways Frank Reich and his coaching staff are failing the Carolina Panthers

As far as starts go, this couldn't have gone worse...
Frank Reich
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The Carolina Panthers are 0-5. They are the last remaining winless team in the NFL. There are lessons to be learned from the putrid start, but one stands out.

The Carolina Panthers win!

How about that - my computer does allow me to write it. That’s cool. Unfortunately, it’s also false.

The Panthers did not win their Week 5 contest against the Detroit Lions. The official result was a 24-42 loss, and that doesn’t even quite tell the whole story.

The Lions asserted their dominance in every facet of the sport in this one. It begins with the coaching, in my opinion. Dan Campbell had his men ready for war while Frank Reich had his ready for surrender. This team is playing uninspired and unprepared.

Typically, I highlight several lessons that I feel the team must take and learn from the previous week's game. And believe me, I certainly have enough ammunition to follow that script once again.

Unlike the Panthers up to this point, I’m confident in my ability to make an adjustment to the game plan, however, if I feel that it’s necessary. That’s what I’m doing this week - I’m checking out of the original call and I’m taking what the opponent gives me.

Now, obviously, the Panthers are not my opponent. The opposite, in fact - I’m begrudgingly still a big fan and just want the best for, and from them.

Here is my big picture lesson from Week 5 and everything else that has led up to this moment.