5 bold Carolina Panthers predictions at the Bears in Week 10

The Carolina Panthers look to rebound after an ugly loss in Week 9 versus a struggling Chicago Bears team.
Adam Thielen
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Carolina Panthers win by multiple scores

I don't care how bad the Carolina Panthers looked last week or how bad they looked during the 2023 NFL season. This team is due for one of those convincing wins, and the Chicago Bears are a bad football team coming off two away games.

They return home this week versus the Panthers and will then hit the road for two more contests on their travels. I think after so many air miles over the last fortnight, the Bears had this game circled on their calendar.

Players and coaches alike probably figure that the Panthers are also one of the weakest opponents they will face this year. Getting to play them at home is also a bonus.

However, what exactly has this Bears' team shown? What do they do well? What do they have going for them?

The offense is bad. The defense might be worse. The coaching staff is subpar and has had some pretty weird behind-the-scenes stuff going on. The franchise is stuck in the mud and has mismanaged Justin Fields.

To me, the Panthers are about to face a pretty vulnerable team. I understand that Frank Reich hasn't exactly done that well this year, but he's a veteran coach who has won a good bit in the NFL, and I trust him to have his team ready to go over Matt Eberflus.

The Panthers are going to win by multiple scores, at least nine points, in Week 10. Book it.