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Who should the Carolina Panthers stay away from in their coming head coaching search?

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Carolina Panthers shouldn't gamble on Matt Nagy

  • Offensive Coordinator | Kansas City Chiefs

I bet you didn't know that Matt Nagy was the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator. That isn't exactly the best job in the world to get noticed.

Everyone and their mother knows that Andy Reid calls the plays. Long-time coordinator Eric Bieniemy tried and failed to land a head coaching job during his tenure with the team before moving to the Washington Commanders.

The Chiefs usually have great offenses, which might make the coordinator look good. But with Reid calling the shots, it's fair to wonder just how valuable Nagy is to the team.

He coached the Chicago Bears from 2018-2021, compiling a 34-31 record in the regular season and going 0-2 in the playoffs. Nagy is a plus .500 coach, for what that's worth, but did primarily call plays.

During his tenure with the Bears, they ranked No. 9, No. 29, No. 22, and No. 27 in points. This year in Kansas City, the Chiefs rank No. 11 in points, which is the lowest of the Patrick Mahomes era.

Nagy doesn't exactly have the best offensive record. You could look at his previous head coaching experience and say that he may do better the second time around, but I'm not sure there's much to hang your hat on if the Carolina Panthers examine his capabilities.

He feels like just a guy to me. Not someone who should be tasked with the needed development of quarterback Bryce Young.

The Panthers would be wise to stay away from Nagy.