5 Carolina Panthers players who have disappointed most so far in 2023

These five players have been underwhelming for the Carolina Panthers at this point...

Miles Sanders and Jonathan Mingo
Miles Sanders and Jonathan Mingo / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Bradley Bozeman - Carolina Panthers C

Another offensive lineman who has been subpar in 2023 so far is Bradley Bozeman. The veteran center was dominant at times under Steve Wilks, but he has been shaky in front of Bryce Young and on running downs.

Having a good player at the center position gives a quarterback a cleaner pocket in front of him. It also opens the middle of the field for the running game - something that's been sorely lacking in 2023.

When the Carolina Panthers had downhill runs and under-center play action as the focal points last season, the offense ended up becoming an efficient unit as a whole. But under Frank Reich's zone blocking and shotgun passing scheme, Bozeman and the rest of the offensive line have struggled.

Week 11's performance against the Dallas Cowboys was as ugly as it can get for an offensive line. Bozeman alone was responsible for three of the seven sacks allowed on Young during the game.

The long story short on Bozeman's play this season is that he is not a good fit on Reich's offense. As a result, his weaknesses in pass protection that were not prevalent last season have been exploited.