5 Carolina Panthers players who have disappointed most so far in 2023

These five players have been underwhelming for the Carolina Panthers at this point...

Miles Sanders and Jonathan Mingo
Miles Sanders and Jonathan Mingo / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Miles Sanders - Carolina Panthers RB

In hindsight, it is easy to say that some acquisitions did not pan out. And the Miles Sanders signing in retrospect has been a flop so far.

After having a career season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022, Sanders was signed as a free agent to replace and upgrade D'onta Foreman's spot on the depth chart. Not only is he a downgrade, but he also has lost the RB1 spot to Chuba Hubbard after massively underperforming.

It is unfair to say Foreman would be doing well in this offense. But it does not mean Sanders is maximizing his opportunities when he's been given them despite an improved effort against the Dallas Cowboys.

Foreman has had solid performances after getting a chance to carry the rock with the Chicago Bears. This makes the Sanders signing look even worse.

The rushing attack has looked better when Sanders has been off the field more often than not. But by and large, he has struggled mightily in 2023 - one of many acquisitions that have not lived up to their billing.

It is easy to point out the underperforming players on the roster. But this Panthers organization has too many issues to keep track of from top to bottom.

Playing the blame game on a selected few individuals or one aspect is ignoring the whole picture. And that picture is an ugly one.