5 Carolina Panthers players who could become draft busts after 2023

It's a big season for these Carolina Panthers plaes in pursuit of avoiding the draft bust tag.
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C.J. Henderson - Carolina Panthers CB

The name that has become the bane of many Carolina Panthers fans over the last couple of seasons was sure to make this list eventually. While C.J. Henderson was not drafted by the team, there is still a hefty sum invested in the inconsistent cornerback.

Henderson, a one-time first-round talent, has been anything but since joining Carolina via trade. Have there been flashes of talent? Yes. Have there also been moments that make fans want to tear out their hair? Also yes.

You never want your top cornerback to have the fanbase collectively hold their breath every time the ball is thrown their way. That's exactly what happens every time the team is forced to use Henderson in that role.

By some metrics, Henderson may already be considered a bust. A replacement-level player is something that no one wants to get out of a first-round pick, especially not one taken at No. 9 overall.

What makes this frustrating as a fan are those moments where the talent is there for everyone to see. Those plays where the football IQ matches up with the physical talent and something magical happens. Those seem to be too few and far between for Henderson to make it in the NFL.

Far too often Henderson either has some lapse in judgment and takes a wrong step or has the right idea but lacks execution. Putting those two together is something that simply has to happen on almost every play to warrant the amount of field time that the young cornerback garners.

Unless some spectacular career resurrection happens this season where Henderson is able to finally put everything together, it is very likely that the young corner could find himself on the scrap heap.