5 Carolina Panthers players who could become draft busts after 2023

It's a big season for these Carolina Panthers plaes in pursuit of avoiding the draft bust tag.

Terrace Marshall Jr.
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Jaycee Horn - Carolina Panthers CB

Speaking of players not being able to make it on the field and cornerbacks taken in the first round, let's talk about Jaycee Horn.

Horn is an amazing player, no one can doubt the talent. However, that means nothing standing on the sideline in a walking boot - a sight that has become all too familiar for the Carolina Panthers.

There are plenty of athletes who were never able to reach their full potential due to the injury bug. Most of the time that is no fault of the player. Injuries produce more injuries, it's the sad truth of sports and one that almost doomed Christian McCaffrey.

Horn has the potential to be a truly special player for a long time. But for superstar status, he first has to finish a full season.

Paying a premium for just over half the campaign is a position no team wants to be in. That's exactly what has happened the past two seasons for Carolina at cornerback and Horn has a rather large role in that issue.

Unless Horn can somehow shake his injury problems, the Panthers may start looking for someone who can actually be counted on to play consistently.