5 Carolina Panthers scapegoats who might be sacrificed after Week 10 loss

Something has to be done...
Shawn Jefferson
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James Campen - Carolina Panthers OL coach

Another catalyst behind the Carolina Panthers' demise this season centers on the offensive line. This unit has regressed considerably in 2023, which is a far cry from the impressive improvements made under James Campen's guidance last time around.

Campen is one of the league's most revered position coaches and it was a major coup for the Panthers to bring him on board. Frank Reich made the right call by keeping him around despite vast stating alterations elsewhere, but this is a what have you done for me lately league - being a holdover is no longer working in his favor.

Players like Ikem Ekwonu and Bradley Bozeman haven't come on. The injuries to Austin Corbett and Brady Christensen didn't help, but it's the coach's job to make the best out of bad situations - especially within a position group that often goes through more health complications than most around the NFL.

The signs were there in the preseason. Does anyone remember Campen bringing his offensive linemen together for a special tirade during one of Carolina's warmup contests? This was the first clue that things were heading in this direction.

It would be a big shock if someone wasn't let go in the coming days - especially looking at team owner David Tepper's face from his luxurious suite at the end of Thursday's game. Campen might be the one when push comes to shove.