5 Carolina Panthers scapegoats who might be sacrificed after Week 10 loss

Something has to be done...

Shawn Jefferson
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Scott Fitterer - Carolina Panthers GM

This would be the biggest domino to fall by a considerable margin if David Tepper decides on something more drastic. But general manager Scott Fitterer's job security should be under scrutiny after a disastrous 2023 campaign up to now.

Fitterer got some leeway over his early ventures with the Carolina Panthers. It's well-known that Matt Rhule had the final say on personnel, even if the front office figure was complicit in some eyebrow-raising moves before the current Nebraska head coach was mercifully let go.

Tepper entrusted Fitterer to mold a roster capable of winning quickly. After a busy summer, claims of dropping in a quarterback and taking off, building something special, and potentially even winning the NFC South came directly from his mouth.

"We don't plan on picking in the top 10 again". That was a direct quote from Fitterer during the pre-draft process.

He's right - the Panthers are on course to hand their No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft to the Chicago Bears. Something that would easily represent one of the most embarrassing moments in franchise history.

Most of Fitterer's personnel moves have been disastrous. The draft selections aren't much better, with his handling of Brian Burns' contract situation also coming in for severe criticism.

If Tepper is going to do this right at long last, then removing the general manager and allowing him to pick the next head coach is essential. There can be no more holdovers. No forced relationships. This has to be a concise plan where things can blossom and evolve effortlessly.

That's what it's going to take. If it also means relieving Ftterer of his duties, then it's a small price to pay for salvation.