5 Carolina Panthers who aren't safe with Dave Canales as head coach

Big changes could be coming under new head coach Dave Canales.
Dave Canales
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Terrace Marshall Jr. - Carolina Panthers WR

Dan Morgan and Dave Canales have an aligned vision of how to take the Carolina Panthers forward. They want to be innovative and develop talent progressively. They also want to find the right characters in keeping with the proud traditions of this once-proud franchise.

Finding dogs can be tricky. Money changes people. Those who've had it all their way at the high school and college levels sometimes aren't willing to put in the work when things aren't going their way at the highest standard imaginable.

Having athletic intangibles isn't enough at the very top. Some thrive under pressure. Others wilt under the spotlight. No amount of flashing during the preseason or team activities before the campaign can solve that.

Terrace Marshall Jr. seems to be heading in that direction. The wide receiver pouted more than he produced this season. He was granted permission to seek a trade when opportunities weren't forthcoming. The former second-round selection was a healthy scratch more often than not after the deadline.

This was a damning indictment of how Marshall's abilities and overall commitment were being perceived, especially considering the lack of consistency in the wide receiver room. Whether Canales has a different opinion of the LSU product is up for debate, but his future is hanging in the balance until further notice.