5 Carolina Panthers who aren't safe with Dave Canales as head coach

Big changes could be coming under new head coach Dave Canales.

Dave Canales
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Bradley Bozeman - Carolina Panthers C

The Carolina Panthers offensive line was lackluster at best in 2023. Aside from the ultra-consistent Taylor Moton, nobody met even modest expectations. Injuries to Austin Corbett and Brady Christensen - the two starting guards from last season - didn't help. It also exposed the complete lack of depth available to the organization.

James Campen is no longer around. Other changes are coming in the not-too-distant future. While every one of the projected 2023 starters will be back to fight for their respective places, nothing is guaranteed under a new coaching regime led by Dave Canales.

The case surrounding Bradley Bozeman is an interesting one. His first-season impact after signing from the Baltimore Ravens in 2022 was outstanding. He deservedly got a new deal as a result of his efforts. This time around, it was a down year by his normally high standards.

Bozeman stayed healthy throughout the season, which was a positive. However, the former Alabama star didn't seem suited to the blocking concepts implemented by Frank Reich and Thomas Brown as part of their uninspired scheme. He regressed accordingly.

After giving up eight sacks and conceding four penalties from 1,148 offensive snaps, Bozeman needs to bounce back. The Panthers could find a contingency plan in case this is the start of something more concerning, but he's determined enough to overcome adversity if the staff puts him in a better position to thrive.