5 cornerbacks the Carolina Panthers could select in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Carolina Panthers could draft Tyrique Stevenson

If the Carolina Panthers want to go down a riskier recruit and rely on a specific individual's upside, then Tyrique Stevenson is someone that should enter their train of thought. The former Miami star has all the tools needed to make a real go of things at the next level, which represents potential value as a third-round pick unless another team snaps him up beforehand. 

Stevenson is a rangy cornerback that plays physically. His specialty when examining the film seems to be guiding wide receivers to the outside, which makes it easy to defend on intermediate or deep routes. 

There is encouraging speed associated with Stevenson's production, which is something the Panthers always look for in their defenders via the draft. Some technical aspects need refinement - most notably footwork and hand placement - but Carolina should feel confident of unlocking the player's true potential with their all-star staff team committed to the cause. 

While the ceiling is incredibly high where Stevenson is concerned, there's a risk this could all go horribly wrong. Taking him at No. 39 overall would be a huge gamble, but there's nothing to suggest it's not worth the risk at No. 93 if they opted to go down a different second-round route. 

This seems like a good environment for Stevenson to flourish. Whether it becomes reality or not is a different matter.

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