5 culture-shifting head coaches who could transform the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers need a head coach to completely change the culture.

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Carolina Panthers could hire Brian Flores

Brian Flores' time as Miami Dolphins head coach ended on a sour note. His hard-nosed methods especially with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa - played a leading role in his demise, but standing up to ownership was another reported reason for his dismissal.

This is something that led Flores - who was joined by other coaches including former Carolina Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilks - to file a lawsuit against the league. Many thought the decision would hurt his coaching chances, but he got a job with the Pittsburgh Steelers and did enough to get another promotion heading into the 2023 campaign.

Flores became the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator and has done well overall. There is a tendency to blitz too much, but his high demands and exceptional commitment to the cause are going down well with the players at his disposal.

Could this be enough for Flores to generate head coaching interest during the upcoming cycle? Time will tell on that front, but this sort of determined figure highly respected by his players is something the Panthers have sorely lacked since Ron Rivera was fired in 2019.

If there's one thing known about Flores, it's that he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He'd also have absolutely no trouble standing up to team owner David Tepper in the hope it could make the football men make football decisions.

This looks like the sort of confrontation Tepper wouldn't welcome. Something reflective in most dictators around the world.