5 culture-shifting head coaches who could transform the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers need a head coach to completely change the culture.

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Carolina Panthers could go bold to lure Mike Tomlin

Before we get started on this one, the chances of Mike Tomlin becoming the Carolina Panthers head coach sit between slim and delusional. However, this piece merely outlines those coaches capable of shifting the culture to finally get this once-proud organization off the canvas and into contention.

Tomlin is widely regarded as one of the best head coaches of his generation. He is a leader of men, is renowned for doing more with less, and gets his players motivated through outstanding preparation and speeches that would have you ready to run through a brick wall.

No losing seasons since getting the Pittsburgh Steelers' job is another indication of Tomlin's methods standing the test of time. But some feel like his time with the franchise has run its course - as unbelievable as that might sound.

This would take a trade, complete control of picking staff, and a whopping contract. In David Tepper's case, even that might not be enough for the Panthers to lure a coach such as Tomlin.

It's also worth remembering that Tepper was also part of a minority ownership group with the Steelers that reportedly wanted Tomlin fired once upon a time. That won't go unnoticed, and we should have known then this man was incapable of judging football-related matters with any sense.

Although the benefits would be immense, it's nothing more than a pipedream. Still, it was nice to think about for a couple of minutes.