5 dismal moves behind former Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer's demise

In on every deal didn't reap the necessary rewards...

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers let Haason Reddick walk

Signing Hasson Reddick turned out to be a masterstroke by the Carolina Panthers in 2021 free agency. The edge rusher formed a prolific tandem with Brian Burns, wreaking havoc throughout the campaign en route to 11 sacks. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to earn a longer-term commitment from general manager Scott Fitterer.

Reddick was permitted to test the free-agent market despite outlining a clear desire to remain with the organization. He subsequently signed for the Philadelphia Eagles. It was decent money, but nothing the Panthers couldn't afford considering his emerging importance to the team's defensive strategy.

As he did on countless occasions, Fitterer placed too much faith in young players taking advantage of extended playing time. This was ill-advised. To make matters worse, Reddick thrived in Philadelphia to emerge as one of the league's most consistent pass-rushers.

The former first-round pick out of Temple has a second-team All-Pro, an NFC Championship, a Super Bowl appearance, two Pro Bowl appearances, and 27 sacks in his two seasons since leaving the Panthers. Of all the suspect free-agent moves made by Fitterer, this is right at the top.

One could also point to letting cornerback Stephon Gilmore leave after a brief stint with the Panthers as another. The likes of Donte Jackson and Ian Thomas were paid instead. Just a damning indictment of Fitterer's personnel evaluation.