5 dream wide recievers the Carolina Panthers should target to unlock Bryce Young

Going bold could be the only answer...
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Carolina Panthers should target Cooper Kupp

The Los Angeles Rams seemingly already boast another No. 1 wide receiver and have been a surprisingly competitive team early on this season. Cooper Kupp is making his return this week and is on a massive contract that is going to make it close to impossible to move on from the veteran despite the cheap production within the pass-catching room currently.

It was only two years ago that Kupp was being talked about not only as the best receiver in the league but one of the best players. Is there any interest from the Rams in eating the dead money and moving on from veteran pieces? It's worth a call if nothing else.

The moves this offseason from the Rams were those of a rebuilding team. One willing to take record cap hits after going all in to win in the 2021 season that resulted in their memorable Super Bowl triumph.

If you're the Carolina Panthers, this isn't likely going to be possible. But you at least have to pick up the phone and see if there is any interest in moving on from Kupp anytime soon.

However, even if the money were to be figured out and the Rams are willing, it is going to be tough for the Panthers to put together a package with what they spent already to land Bryce Young. Kupp is also dealing with some injury complications that make any deal difficult.