5 dream wide recievers the Carolina Panthers should target to unlock Bryce Young

Going bold could be the only answer...

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Carolina Panthers should target Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley is going to need time to return to the player he was during his seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. After taking some time away from the game due to health concerns and spending a season suspended for betting violations, getting his football legs back underneath him is the primary objective for the wideout in 2023.

Early returns for Ridley and the Jacksonville Jaguars have been impressive thanks to developing nice chemistry with quarterback Trevor Lawrence. For the Carolina Panthers, targeting the former Alabama star makes sense if the price is right, even though it does appear unlikely.

Ridley isn't the star wide receiver that many young quarterbacks have been given. But he is one of the best route runners in the league and by season's end could become one of the best free agents scheduled to hit the market.

Carolina should have a healthy level of interest in a player that would fit their offensive scheme well. It wouldn't block other additions either given Ridley's experience working within a successful one-two tandem in Atlanta with Julio Jones.

Ridley is a great fit. It would give the Panthers the chance to build the position out further while feeling they had a great fallback as their genuine No. 1 option.