5 factors that place Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on the hot seat

Is Frank Reich going to make it to 2024?

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers coaching staff has failed to deliver

I had originally thought the coaching staff that Frank Reich assembled was nothing short of excellent. He brought in a great mix of veteran coaches like Dom Capers, Todd Wash, and Duce Staley, among others. Some intriguing player-to-coach pipeline guys like Josh McCown and DeAngelo Hall also joined the Carolina Panthers.

When the staff was announced throughout the offseason, I was truly trying to find a bad hire. I didn't see one.

Well, maybe this staff team just simply isn't going to work out. Maybe Reich has too many veteran coaches. Maybe he has too many former players on his staff? Maybe it's a mix of both?

Whatever the main issue is, it's clear that the coaching staff rarely gets this team ready to play each week. I wonder if this staff will be one of the rare one-and-done situations that we sometimes see in the NFL.

It's ironic one of the last coaches to be one and done is Steve Wilks. He took over as the interim head coach in 2022 for the team when Matt Rhule got fired.

Wilks did a very nice job - so much so that people were calling for the team to make him the next permanent head coach. The Panthers did not, leaving the respected figure free to join the San Francisco 49ers, where he serves as defensive coordinator.