5 factors that place Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on the hot seat

Is Frank Reich going to make it to 2024?

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers do nothing with conviction

Typically, when you hire a head coach on the offensive or defensive side of the ball, you'd then like your team to excel at some point, or at least show something. What do the Carolina Panthers do well besides lose?

They've lost nearly every game, get called for a ton of penalties, and boast a negative point differential among many other concerning statistics. You get the point - it's been a complete embarrassment almost from start to finish.

The team ranks at the bottom of almost every statistic you can find.

I do understand that this is the first year of a new era. Not only does the team have a new coaching staff, but they have a ton of new pieces on offense, including a new franchise quarterback. However, with them being nine games into the season, you'd probably like to see something you could grab onto, right?

There's been virtually no improvement from Bryce Young. The offensive line hasn't gotten better this year, and the defense is still inconsistent at best when it comes to generating pressure consistently.

You could blame quarterbacks' coach Josh McCown or defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero for these two things specifically. But the man in charge is Frank Reich.

Reich was the one who put McCown and Evero in their respective roles and thought that it'd work. I guess the Panthers can turn it around a bit this season to make greater strides in 2024, but this feels like something a lot deeper than that.