5 factors that place Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on the hot seat

Is Frank Reich going to make it to 2024?
Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers being 1-8 is not good enough

Going into the 2023 NFL season, did anyone truly think that the Carolina Panthers were in a rebuilding mode?

I mean, on paper, the defense was one of the most talented units in the NFC. A good pass rush and solid secondary seemed to be present. The team made significant moves at the quarterback spot, and they traded a haul of picks and players to be able to pick No. 1 overall in the 2023 draft.

A team doesn't do that if they are rebuilding, right?

If the Panthers traded all of that capital, they must've felt pretty confident that the signal-caller they selected would be able to help lead this team into a respectable place in 2023. Frank Reich and Scott Fitterer made a bold move when they moved up to that top pick, likely thinking that the head coach's previous success with quarterback development could have translated over to a different environment.

I'm not saying the team should be 6-3 or 7-2. But man, you'd have hoped that the Panthers would have had a couple more wins to show for, right?

Being 1-8 usually means the roster has nothing going for them and the man under center needs to be replaced. Well, that isn't the case with the Panthers just yet.

When you consider that, it falls on Reich, who most certainly should feel his seat warming up.