5 offensive tackle prospects the Carolina Panthers could draft in 2024

The Carolina Panthers could use another body at offensive tackle.
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Carolina Panthers could draft Matt Goncalves

Matt Goncalves is a senior from Pittsburgh who stands at 6-foot-6 with 33 1/4-inch arms. He'd be another developmental offensive tackle and could be had late in the fourth round or at some point in the fifth.

Goncalves is another tackle prospect with experience at both edge spots. His best hope of making it long-term in the NFL could be kicking inside to guard.

His nine-inch hands are a potential cause for concern. As a total prospect, he's more on the polished side, which could up his chances at making it at one of the tackle spots for the Carolina Panthers over time.

With the team investing a ton of resources into the offensive line, the unit as a whole doesn't seem to be a huge liability anymore. One could argue that the protection's performance in 2023 wasn't because of an absence of talent, but more due to poor schematics that didn't suit personnel.

New general manager Dan Morgan shouldn't settle for the current offensive line room he has. Instead, he should spring on a chance to draft one in the mid-late rounds. After all, this is an exceptionally deep class.

Good teams in the NFL are built from the inside out. The financial investments in the offensive line should not be a stopping point.